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Skypak Airline Trolleys

Slender, smart and stylish – you hear the rumble of the turbines, sit back and dream of cruising smoothly high above the clouds. Peter Jorge Fischer has taken the robust Airline Trolleys down from the sky and is restyling them with his entrepreneurial spirit and an eye for design for home and office – the next great wave in functional design furniture.

This eye-catching aviation-inspired furniture is the ultimate conversation starter and with an elegant range of interior constellations can fill a variety of unique functions in your living space. Whether as a wine rack, bookshelf, DVD rack, media center or a luxurious shoe or storage unit –

the Skypak Airline Trolley is an absolute must have design piece.

Sleek and professional: Original Airline Trolleys by Skypak make the transition from on board to boardroom as a mobile refreshment station or media stand for meetings, presentations or conferences.

he original Airline Trolley by Skypak as a mobile coffee station is the perfect addition to any kitchen and the ultimate way to entertain. Relax and enjoy the flight with Skypak. –

Fasten your seatbelt

Mobile, multifunctional and majestic A Skypak Trolley is a powerful image tool for conferences, meetings trade fairs and corporate events. Flexible storage and presentation possibilities in a compact and sophisticated space together with own corporate branding make the trolley a mighty force to get you and your brand noticed.

Wine appreciation at its finest. Let the Barrique trolley capture your senses and create the perfect display choice for your collection.

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