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Peter Jorge Fischer

Managing Director | CEO

Lena Gerber

Customer & Assistant

Mark Weber

Key Account Manager

Jan Sellbach

Logistic & Warehouse Management

Jennifer Scott

Grafic & Produktdesign

Fabio de Luca

Public Relation & Marketing

Manuel López

Manufacturing & Production

We, the young designer team of Skypak, was founded in 2009 and has since established itself positively on the global market. Managing Director Peter Jorge Fischer, with his smart idea, immediately caused a stir. We refine original airline trolleys in pure handwork to extraordinary design furniture. Our designed product is modern, smart and slim and at the same time awakens wanderlust and travel fever in each of us. It reminds us of air travel and enormous heights. It is the maneuverable and functional airline trolleys, the rolling mini-bars on the plane, piloted by friendly stewardesses. We have set ourselves the goal to combine design and functionality and especially our intensive cooperation with our designers creates a creative space for continuously new ideas. The individually designed airline trolleys can be used, for example, as a wine or coffee bar, bathroom cabinet or even media library station.

Skypak manufactory

Design with history

Skypak’s beginnings date back to 2010, when Peter Jorge Fischer founded the company. The original idea was to offer used airline trolleys for living and office use. Peter Jorge Fischer quickly realized that these aviation service providers offered many more uses than originally believed. With this in mind, Fischer began to transform the airline trolleys into multifunctional design objects and to finish them with very special materials. For example, with high-quality materials such as gold leaf, Swarovski stones, Italian mosaic stones or, most recently, wood from old barrique barrels. Today Skypak offers a range of design objects with industrial charm, which find their origin in the original idea of mobile and multifunctional airline trolleys.

Skypak Whisky airline trolley - design with history


What really defines Skypak is a passion for design that appeals to the user’s senses. Right off the bat, our team created a buzz with Original Airline Trolleys. We’re talking about the maneuverable and feature-packed aviation service providers, the rolling mini-bars on planes. Skypak took them out of the sky and styles them elegantly for home and office. Our designs create new possibilities and transform living spaces. Our philosophy is to create intelligent and functional furniture within the framework of mobile living design. This is how we can positively impact today’s living and working spaces.


We pride ourselves on the ability to work closely with our customers to ensure that your needs are met. We value a long-term and successful working relationship with all our customers and partners. Whether it’s an individualized design for an important person or a branded trolley for the office, we care about meeting your needs and providing you with an unrivaled service including flawless products…

Metzelder Foundation: Skypak sponsors Barrique Trolley


We are always looking for like-minded trading partners in the United States, Canada, Asia and Australia. So please do not hesitate to contact us.