Airline trolley in the conference room as a piece of presentation furniture

Conference Room Design

Modern offices should always include individually furnished conference rooms that not only reflect the company’s visual calling card, but are also tailored to the company’s needs. Especially when business partners or customers come to your conference room (i.e. it is not only used for internal meetings), the representative effect of the conference room furnishings should not be underestimated. The design of your meeting room should therefore be coordinated and make a good visual impression.

Here at Skypak, we get a lot of questions about conference room design, so we thought we’d summarize what we think is important when designing a conference room.


Setting up a conference room can be quite tricky from a design perspective, as it needs to be tailored to the professional needs of the company, while still providing a nice and comfortable space for long meetings.

Let’s start with the design of the seating area. It should be comfortable and ideally padded to ensure ergonomic conditions even during long meetings. Decide on the size of the conference table as well as the number of chairs needed (don’t forget to get more chairs than are needed if additional guests arrive). Visually, the colors of the seating group should match your corporate identity color code to ensure a harmonious overall look.

Next, consider what technical equipment is needed, such as a projector or TV for presentations, cable channels and power outlets or USB ports. Don’t forget to think about good room acoustics and sound insulation to the outside, adaptable lighting and good air circulation so that concentration does not suffer even after long meetings or presentations.


Last but not least, think again about the prestigious impact of your conference room. Incorporate some art and corporate identity elements and add something exquisite that shows your attention to detail. This is where our trolleys can come into play. Many interior designers incorporate trolleys as a design aspect, but with the functionality of a coffee or refreshment bar. Since you can also create your own design, the trolleys can also be used as a way to incorporate the corporate identity of the company by placing a design in conjunction with the logo on one of our trolleys.

Für weitere Informationen oder Fragen zur Konferenzraumgestaltung oder einem unserer Trolleys mit Ihrem Design, kontaktieren Sie uns oder besuchen Sie unseren Shop.

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