Customize your own designer furniture

Whether for home or office – everyone wants individual furnishings. Not off the peg, but adapted to one’s own life needs and design ideas. To make this possible in the world of designer furniture, we at Skypak have created the “Design your own designer furniture” process. This means that companies or private individuals can send us their company logo or desired designs as a file at any time and we will produce their own personal designer furniture from it – one that is not available a second time in this world.

In this way, many of our designer trolleys have already been created and also in the corporate sector, entire rooms have already been designed with an artistically implemented corporate identity through specially designed furniture. With this process we hand over the scepter of design and are happy to see your own visions and ideas implemented with our trolleys.

Do you also have an idea for your own designer furniture? Contactus with your design and ideas and we will discuss possible design options with you.

Is your design graphic, minimalist or rather eye-catching? No matter how you want to implement it, our team ofdesigners is ready to advise you and create your very own car. Our designers look forward to visualizing your vision with you.

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