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Create your own unique piece

We offer you an enormous selection of designs and colors. Office furniture and design furniture from other manufacturers are often only available in a few, selected colors and those who want to have a custom made with their own design ideas produced, usually have to dig very deep into their pockets.

At Skypak this looks different: With us you can choose your individual airline trolley to match your own living room or bedroom.

Completely free design

There are also many suitable design ideas for the kitchen or bathroom. Even a special edition with the company logo is possible for business customers. The airline trolleys thus enable a choice that exclusive furniture simply cannot offer otherwise.

The additional attraction lies in the fact that here a design concept combines the optimal use of the available space and technical practicality with free design.

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Exclusive storage

Art and technology come together in this furniture, combining their strengths in a way that is not easily found again in furniture for your home or even office furniture. Even the storage of fine jewelry requires exclusive furniture, if only to maintain the balance of aesthetics. So if you want to store your necklaces, rings, bracelets and other jewelry items appropriately, you can treat yourself to a truly individual solution with Airline Trolleys.

Of course, the same applies to fine men’s watches, tie pins and cufflinks. The design, which can be selected from an extensive range of designs, is not the only thing that speaks for its use as a jewelry cabinet. The high-quality inert materials and the perfectly closing drawers and cabinet doors also ensure that the jewelry does not come into contact with undesirable environmental influences. Even dust hardly stands a chance with aviation-tested aircraft equipment.

Is there a better design furniture to store jewelry? As in every function, airline trolleys cut a fine figure and convey an image of sophistication and efficiency that suits the status-conscious individualist with class.

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