Globetrotter feeling with our Passport and Airportcities trolleys

End of July, beginning of August. We are in the middle of the travel season. Hong Kong, Cape Town, Amsterdam or a relaxed vacation that offers more relaxation than a city break? Wherever your next trip takes you – if you don’t want to lose that globetrotter feeling after your vacation, you should incorporate something into your home that is more than just a souvenir.

Bring some of your experiences home with our Passport – or Airportcities Trolleys and remember your travels to vibrant cities or fascinating countries you’ve already traveled to. Not only will they preserve the memory of your globetrotting life, but their functional wheeled design makes them ideal for all living situations.

While today you need a bookshelf in your living room, you may need a bar in the kitchen to party with friends. Trolleys are also regularly used in hotels and public buildings with different functions. Mobile functional living is the future of interior design. As a modern design object, our new trolleys bring a different flair and wanderlust to any new environment they are placed in.

Besides the design, the trolleys also convince in terms of functionality. They are the perfect storage for drinks like Tuscan wine or Brazilian coffee that you brought back from your last trip. Decorated with shiny wine glasses or fragrant coffee beans, it’s the perfect it-piece for parties, combining functionality, good humor and style. Whatever you have in mind, the trolley will adapt to your needs.

If you think that such a designer piece would also enrich your home? Then visit our website and let our many designs inspire you to bring home a piece of travel.

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