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If anything truly defines Skypak, it’s our passion for design that inspires the senses.

With this approach, we truly believe there is more to tell about each of our design pieces than what is reflected in its product description. It’s the vision behind each of our airline trolleys, the creative minds that create the designs for them, the carefully curated materials we use, and the journey each piece takes before transforming our customers’ living and work spaces that needs to be told.

On the Skypak blog we want to share our passion for interior design and the vision that drives us.

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Let’s celebrate: 100 years of on-board catering!

An airline catering trolley is the basis for our Skypak trolley. 100 years ago the tradition of in-flight catering was established, Skypak would not exist without it. At Skypak, we decided to celebrate the occasion and took a closer look at how it developed.

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Things to know

Becoming a Barrique Wood Trolley

In the beginning there is the barrique – an old oak barrel in which noble wine had the time to reach drinking maturity over many years. And what was just the perfect shell for the exquisite drop is also perfectly suited for this task in the future.

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Wine festivals in summer

As soon as the thermometer shows more than 30 degrees Celsius, it means not only that summer is finally here, but also that the wine festival season has begun.

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