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La Barrique Trolleys by Skypak – The essence of luxury for wine and whiskey lovers.

Discover the exclusive world of Skypak La Barrique Trolleys, a collection that combines precision craftsmanship with a passion for fine beverages. These trolleys, crafted from authentic barrel staves from retired wine and whiskey barrels, offer a unique experience for connoisseurs and enthusiasts.

Handcrafted elegance and individuality

Each Skypak La Barrique Trolley is a handmade unique piece. Whether made from the staves of red wine barrels or whiskey barrels, each piece exudes its own individual story. With a light touch of the original contents, these trolleys will enrich your spaces not only visually but also sensually.

Diverse and Flexible Applications

Skypak Trolleys are true all-rounders. Ideal as a mobile bar, wine, or whiskey bar, they perfectly fit into the living area, kitchen, on the terrace, or as a highlight in a lounge. These mobile bars are excellently suited for:

  • Bar
  • Wine bar
  • Whiskey bar
  • Mobile bar
  • Mobile wine bar
  • Mobile whiskey bar

Quality “Made in Germany”

Skypak Trolleys are not only known for their uniqueness but also for their quality. With a 10-year warranty and manufacturing in Germany, Skypak stands for longevity and sustainability.

Natural Material with Character

The use of real barrel staves turns each trolley into a work of art. Natural color variations are part of the charm of these pieces, leaving a lasting impression in any environment.
Discover the Skypak La Barrique Trolley Collection – a symbiosis of history, craftsmanship, and modern lifestyle. These trolleys are not just practical furniture pieces, but they also tell stories from renowned vineyards and distilleries, encapsulated in outstanding design and quality. Whether for your home, office, or as a unique gift – a Skypak La Barrique Trolley is always an excellent choice.