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Discover our unique buffets and sideboards, Cabinets made from aircraft parts – Where functionality meets avant-garde.

At Skypak, we bring an exceptional combination of innovation, design and history to your home or office. Our exclusive unique buffets and sideboards, crafted from original aircraft parts, are more than just pieces of furniture – they are a statement of world-class design and craftsmanship.

Timeless elegance meets aviation history

Each of our sideboards is unique, bringing the fascinating world of aviation into your living or work environment. Crafted from high-quality materials like solid oak and combined with original elements from the aviation industry, these sideboards not only offer a stylish look, but also a story that wants to be told.

Customized design highlights

Skypak sideboards and buffets are more than just ordinary pieces of furniture; they are customizable works of art. Choose between different sizes and finishes and customize your sideboard to suit your personal needs and style. Whether as a striking furnishing element in the living room or as a practical, elegant storage solution in the office – our sideboards are versatile and always eye-catching.

Functional works of art with history

Each sideboard is equipped with original, brand-new ATLAS standard operating units, which gives them a special touch. These functional works of art not only tell stories of faraway lands and celestial journeys, but also provide practical storage space and display area for TV sets, books or decorative objects.

Sustainability and quality “Made in Germany”

Made in the tradition of true craftsmanship, Skypak stands for sustainability and durability. By using recycled aircraft parts, we contribute to environmental protection without compromising on quality. “Made in Germany” promises the highest standards in workmanship and material quality.

Be inspired by the unique combination of design, functionality and history. Visit us and experience how Skypak sideboards made from aircraft parts add a special touch to your space. We look forward to introducing you to the world of sophisticated living and sustainable design.