The special origin of our trolley oak wood case

Wine & Whiskey Barrels are a small handmade work of art, as are our lovingly handcrafted Skypak Trolleys. The uniqueness of these barrels lives on here. There are many factors that make this wood so special and valuable. For years, the whiskey and wine stores in the oak barrels and absorbs many aromas that shape the later taste. The maturation takes place over many years, in barrels of different origins.

Although more and more machines are used in the production of barrels, the actual manufacturing process remains in human hands.

The boards for the staves, can not be cut out of a tree trunk like rectangular wood used for building. It is important to pay attention to the grain of the wood when cutting out the staves. Otherwise, the alcohol will evaporate or leak. Only oak is suitable for manufacturing, so as not to hinder the breathing of the barrels. Besides, other types of wood give off an unpleasant aroma. The logs that are used should be 70 to 200 years old.

Life comes to the wood only through heat treatment. Heating in an oven breaks down the wood structure, the barrel matures and begins to live. The barrel is burned from the inside, which activates the wood. That is, the flavor is activated by the heat.

All this also contributes to the individual look of our Skypak trolleys. Each one is unique due to the different barrels, because each barrel looks different and has a different origin.

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