Trolleys of the month: black and white

Trolleys of the month: Black and White

Wir hatten geplant, jeden Monat einen Trolley des Monats einzuführen. Bei unserer Umfrage auf Instagram und Facebook, bei der wir gefragt haben, ob wir den schwarzen oder den weißen Trolley vorstellen sollen, gab es jedoch ein Losverfahren, so dass wir uns entschieden haben, zum Start dieser neuen Serie beide Trolleys vorzustellen:
1) Unseren Flugzeugtrolley in klassischem schwarzen Klavierlack sowie 2) unseren Flugzeugtrolley in strahlendem Weiß.

Both airline trolleys impress with their classic design and minimalist style. Depending on where they are placed, they can brighten up the room or set dark accents. And whatever you want to store in it, it is absolutely safe: The door lock made of high-quality stainless steel can be easily opened with a folding handle, for example, and securely locked with a padlock.

A plus: On both carts, the door swivels 270° and can be attached to the left side panel with an integrated magnet.

Since we often receive questions about the durability of our products, we would like to add here: SKYPAK’s airline trolleys are designed to meet the high demands of the aviation industry. High-quality materials and workmanship ensure durability and robustness – no matter where they are used.

Now it’s up to you to decide: Black or white?

Trolleys des monats: black & white
Trolleys des monats: black & white

Beide Trolleys finden Sie in unserem Shop:
Unseren Flugzeug-Trolley in klassisch schwarzem Klavierlack finden Sie hier: Trolley in klassischem Schwarz.
Unseren Flugzeugtrolley in strahlendem Weiß finden Sie hier: Classic White Trolley.

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