Wine festivals in summer

Wine festivals in summer

As soon as the thermometer shows more than 30 degrees Celsius, it means not only that summer is finally here, but also that the wine festival season has begun.

The beginnings of German wine festivals date back to the 15th century. century. However, many customs have survived to this day, such as the traditional opening of the festival by the wine queens as representatives of a particular wine-growing region. As wine lovers, we have started a wine festival research for you and selected the most beautiful summer wine festivals for you.

Weinfeste im sommer

Wine festivals in summer:

Rheingau Wine Week Wiesbaden:

This year, the Wine Week will take place from August 9 to 18, 2019. Around the historic town hall you can expect more than 100 booths with more than 1000 fine wines and sparkling wines of the Rheingau vintners. In addition, restaurateurs provide 16 stands for your physical well-being and more than 50 bands play on the stage in front of the town hall.

Alzey Wine Festival:

The 81st Alzey Wine Festival will take place from 20 to 24 September 2019. The Alzey Wine Festival is known as one of the largest wine festivals in the region, especially for its fairground atmosphere. Gingerbread hearts, cotton candy, shooting stands, a ride on the Ferris wheel or adrenaline rides are all part of the Alzey wine festival experience.

Wine Market Mainz:

The Mainz Wine Festival is 83 years old and will be held once this year from August 29 to September 01 and from September 5 to 8. Highlights of the Mainz Wine Festival are the blind tasting of wines from Rheinhessen and the strolling wine tasting, a beautiful wine walk through the Mainz city park with wine tasting at eight different vintners from Rheinhessen.

Wine festivals on the Moselle:

The Moselle region and its love of wine: from Trier to Koblenz to the town of Cochem, almost every town has its own wine festival with Riesling wines!

A very special event of the Moselle winegrowers are the “Open Wine Cellar Days”. Between May and October, the vintners of the Moselle region open their wine cellars for one day and give you an insight into their work. Here you can learn about the production of wine and taste the world-famous Riesling in person at the winemaker.

In the Moselle region, the wine festival in Cochem from August 22 to 26 is worth a visit, because it is one of the largest and most beautiful on the Moselle. The festival is held on the beautiful Moselle promenade and in the “good parlor” of Cochem, on the market square.

Wine festival in Bingen:

The wine festival in Bingen lasts 11 days. Bingen is the secret capital of wine, because the city borders four wine-growing regions: Rheinhessen, Nahe, Middle Rhine and Rheingau. 40 winegrowers cultivate 665 hectares here and, what’s more, it was here that ice wine was invented, the second highest quality level a wine can ever have!

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