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Skypak’s beginnings date back to 2010, when Peter Jorge Fischer founded the company.

When Peter initially had the idea of turning airplane trolleys into interior design objects, he did not know about the possibilities that would open up creating something truly unique in the interior market – the Interior Design Skypak Airplane Trolleys.

But getting into it, Peter soon realized that these interior design airplane trolleys offer a variety of functionalities and design finishings. With this in mind, Peter began transforming the airplane trolleys into multi-functional interior design objects adding drawers, shelf floors and cooling systems to it.

But it didn’t stop there. With the idea of being a interior design manufacture Peter dove into the wide range of possible materials for the finishing, ending up refining the airplane trolleys with carefully curated materials. From gold leaf, Swarovski stones and Italian mosaic stones to wood from old barrique barrels – Skypak uses the finest materials to make the interior design airplane trolleys truly unique interior design objects that can transform a living or working space.

Peter worked closely with various designers to make Skypak to what it is today: An interior design brand that offers a wide range of modern and industrial-design objects, originating in the idea of mobile and multi-functional airplane trolleys.

Have a look at the wide variety of airplane trolleys Skypak offers or design your own to fulfill your design aspiration.

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