Design meets Aviation

Unique design furniture made by handicraft from original airplane parts.

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Limited edition a fenstersegment silber matt – wandbar one

Limited edition - wallbar from ORIGINAL Airbus A380

This unique piece consists of a real window segment of the legendary Airbus A380 in an elegant silver matte finish. But be quick, as this Edition is only available in limited quantities!

Our aviation furniture combines sustainability with a unique design that tells stories from thousands of air miles. Every piece of aviation furniture in our range is a work of art that honors the fascinating world of aviation and adds a very special accent to your living space.

At Skypak, we have made it our mission to combine environmentally conscious living with a touch of luxury. Our aircraft furniture is more than just furnishings; it is a symbol of innovation and history, carefully crafted from reclaimed materials from airplanes. This approach not only demonstrates our respect for the environment, but also tells a powerful story in every detail of our furniture.

To meet the uniqueness of each customer, we at Skypak offer customized options. Your vision and our craftsmanship come together to create a piece of furniture that is as individual as your own story. Whether it’s an elegant airplane wing desk or an artfully repurposed airplane fixed as a wall bar, each piece is made specifically to your wants and needs – handmade in Germany.

Experience exceptional furniture design that combines environmental sustainability with luxurious aesthetics at Skypak. Immerse yourself in a world where every piece of furniture is not just a part of your interior, but a part of a bigger story.

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