Skypak manufactory

Every piece a new story

At Skypak, we have a passion for design that inspires the senses – and that is our true motive.

We have a passion for design – and that’s not only why we started Skypak, but also the motive behind everything we do. And that is reflected in all our designs.

Each of our designer pieces is based on the Airline Trolley: functional and minimalist, but with a touch of sophistication even in its most original form. Taking these familiar objects as a design base, our pieces immediately make you think of the quiet rumble of turbines and the exciting feeling you get when you’re about to take off.

Skypak la barrique edition altes weinfass

Our design philosophy

More than just furniture: an ode to travel

At Skypak, every design piece is a symbol of our dedication to exceptional aesthetics. Our drive to bring Skypak to life stems from a deep fascination with the travel experience and the elegance that comes with it. This passion is palpable in each of our pieces, making them very special.

The trolley: Our centerpiece
From functional object to designer piece

The transformation of the trolley

The airplane trolley, a symbol of travel and functionality, is the quintessence of our design aesthetic. We enhance its minimalist appearance with a touch of sophistication, transforming it from a practical object into a true designer piece.

Design that tells stories

Each Skypak piece tells its own story. With the silhouette of a trolley, our designs evoke memories of the quiet roar of turbines and the tingling feeling of anticipation of a journey.

Skypak airline trolley handarbeit
Skypak airline trolley handarbeit

Manufacture with passion

Where craftsmanship meets travel inspiration

Insight into our workshop

Our manufactory is where our travel inspiration meets traditional craftsmanship. Here, aircraft trolleys are carefully selected, reworked and transformed into unique pieces of furniture.

Uniqueness in every detail

Customized exclusivity

Personalization and variety

Every Skypak product is unique. We offer personalized options to ensure that each piece is not just a piece of furniture, but a personal experience.

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