Cool can be so beautiful

Top of the range mobile wine refrigerator

The design is unique, in pure handwork the barrel staves from old oak barrels of famous European wineries were processed here. Each Skypak “LA BARRIQUE COOLER” wine refrigerator is therefore unique. By looking closely, sometimes you can find out the origin of the barrels.

Large capacity

Skypak LA BARRIQUE COOLER can easily store 17 bottles of 0.75 liters. Its total capacity is 54 liters.

Individual upcycle

The five wooden sliding shelves can be easily pulled out and can also be used differently. The handling is thus very simple but also practical.

Versatile usecases

The La Barrique Cooler is definitely something special and an eye-catcher! The various uses such as for home, in the catering industry, in the wine cellar, hotel industry, etc. are very diverse.

The most beautiful way to a good glass of wine

La Barrique Cooler von Skypak ist so individuell wie der Geschmack ihrer Besitzer.

Skypak la barrique cooler blaues led konferenzraum

Each trolley is a stylish one-of-a-kind due to its unique oak sheathing and becomes a visual highlight in any ambience. Thereby the application possibilities of the trolleys are very diverse.

Skypak la barrique cooler kueche

Whether as a rolling bar, wine cabinet or presentation furniture. For the living area, the kitchen, the terrace or as a chic solitaire in the lounge. These trolleys are a must for wine lovers who appreciate the special.