Airline Trolleys

They are slim, smart and stylish – arouse wanderlust and evoke the sound of turbines, travel fever and lofty heights. Peter Jorge Fischer has taken the robust and variable service providers of aviation from the sky with a large portion of entrepreneurial down-to-earthness and a knack for design and elegantly styles the airline trolleys for home and office.

Fasten your seatbelt

Fasten your seatbelt

Mobile, multifunctional and stylish. An airline trolley is ideal for meetings, trade shows and events. Lots of storage space in the smallest of spaces and unmistakable with branding.

A special and extraordinary way to store a good wine and enjoy it in a stylish ambience.

Stylish and multifunctional

Original Airline Trolleys from Skypak e.g. as mobile mini bar for meetings, presentations or conferences.

An original airline trolley from Skypak as a mobile coffee bar. The rolling room service allows fast and easy coffee enjoyment in any room. Are you ready to fly?

This cool design furniture attracts attention and at the same time fulfills versatile functions: Whether as a wine rack, bookcase, DVD rack or extravagant shoe cabinet.

The Airline Trolley from Skypak is simply the must have!