Coffee table “LOUIS” – Radial engine


A Russian radial engine (engine type: M-14) in combination with an ESG safety glass top make this coffee table a real work of art.

Delivery time: 6 weeks

Coffee table "LOUIS" - Radial engine 18.890,00 

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The “LOUIS” coffee table is undoubtedly the most elaborate and fascinating highlight in our range. Resting on a sturdy black metal base and topped with a toughened safety glass top, this table combines technical sophistication with timeless elegance. Its aesthetic appeal will enhance any room and inevitably become the eye-catcher of your interior. “LOUIS” is far more than just a table – it is a work of art that takes the symbiosis of technology and design to a new level.
If required, our products can also be customized, just contact us!

Skypak table statement

Statement by original

Skypaks’ tables made from original airplane parts are handcrafted pieces of furniture and make a great addition to any home or office. Whether you use them as conference tables, dining tables or simply as accent pieces.

Individual upcycling

Our tables can be customized and can be ordered in different finishes on request – O-lacquer, stripped, brushed silver matt or polished to a high gloss. Talk to us, we will adapt the design, colors and more to your wishes!

Skypak conference table slot x window segment

Additional information

Gewicht Glasplatte

20 kg

Gewicht Motor

80 kg

Größe Glasplatte

110 x 32 cm

Größe Motor

100 cm