Why Skypak sees itself as a design manufacture

At Skypak, we have a passion for design that inspires the senses – and that is our true motive.

Wir haben eine Leidenschaft für Design – und das ist nicht nur der Grund, warum wir Skypak gegründet haben, sondern auch das Motiv hinter allem, was wir tun. Und das spiegelt sich in all unseren Designs wider.

Each of our designer pieces is based on the airlinetrolley: functional and minimalist, but with a touch of sophistication even in its most original form. Taking these familiar objects as a design base, our pieces immediately make you think of the quiet rumble of turbines and the thrilling feeling you get when you’re about to take off.

With this object as our design body, we initially thought that the possibilities in terms of design and refinement would be finite. However, as we dove deeper into the design process, we quickly realized that our initial designs were only scratching the surface of the design possibilities this object offered us. And since then, we’ve been on a journey to explore the design possibilities of functional mobile living design.

We do this in collaboration with our own designers, but also with world-renowned designers who lend us their talent and vision to create works of art from ordinary airline trolleys. Always with the highest standards for our product, this journey has already led us to various finishes, such as gold, Swarovski crystals, or the wood of barrique barrels, as well as various design themes, such as lettering, drawings, city references – all attributable to the designer who created these pieces in our design factory. Each one so unique that we can hardly imagine how many more of these designs and special finishes are possible for such a versatile product as the airline trolley as a base.

Skypak – a design manufactory

And that’s exactly why Skypak sees itself less as a furniture manufacturer and more as a design manufactory – our job is not to sell designer furniture, but to create endless designs on an existing basis that can influence the fluidity, efficiency and organization of our clients’ living and working spaces. Baz Pringels, who was one of the first designers we worked with, put it this way in one of ourinterviews:

Die Idee ist, Alltagsgegenstände, die wir nicht mit persönlichen Designerstücken in Verbindung bringen, in Kunstwerke zu verwandeln.

Baz Pringels

And these artworks have the ability to literally move, creating new possibilities for the design and transformation of our everyday spaces.

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